Surprise! Jezebel Writer Really, Really Hates America

Matt Philbin | August 15, 2022
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I don’t know her reasoning, but Jezebel writer Kylie Cheung has determined to be the nasty, America-hating leftist from central casting. Maybe being a caricature is a good career move for a feminist writer.

In an August 15 piece about a Netflix movie, Cheung apparently just can’t seem to control herself. The movie is a rom-com called Purple Hearts. 

The movie is set during the Iraq War and focuses on a lefty female musician who has diabetes and a conservative active duty marine. They don’t like each other, but enter a marriage of convenience so she can access military healthcare and he gets some perks out of being married. Of course they end up falling in love …

I haven’t seen it and couldn’t care less about it. Cheung, on the other hand, is deeply offended by its existence. How could she abide “a movie that pretty blatantly romanticizes U.S. military occupation in Iraq and somehow even the United States’ violent privatized healthcare system?”

Our “violent privatized health system?” Cheung must be a blast at parties. 

The name Purple Hearts itself is a clever little pun referencing the blending of their “blue” and “red” politics — Cassie is a liberal feminist and Luke is, well, someone who is shipping off to help kill Iraqi people. 

So … that’s what she thinks of U.S. military personnel. But wait, there’s more! Somewhere in the flick:

One of Luke’s fellow Marines makes a toast to “hunting down some Goddamn Arabs.” The line itself seems like a pretty accurate representation of the U.S. military—I’d argue the real problem is the extent that the movie implicitly and explicitly justifies military presence in Iraq as somehow protecting the U.S., rather than just colonizer behavior 101 that’s swallowing up $1 trillion in federal funding, while kids rack up school lunch debt.

Yes, left-wingers really do use phrases like “colonizer behavior.” And they're not embarrassed to mention school lunches in the same sentence as, you know, war. Elsewhere, she scoffs “Both sides-ing the U.S. military occupation of Black and brown countries is … a choice.”

(Whaddaya think, is Cheung’s armpit hair braided or just dyed green?) 

In truth, Cheung deserves our sympathy. Her America is a dark place indeed:

We’re living through unprecedentedly violent times, between routine state violence in the U.S. in the form of racist killings by police; abortion bans rupturing the health system; inaccessible life-saving medications; and, of course, close to 1 million people killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan since 9/11. 

So let's review: Contempt for the military, check. Healthcare grousing, check. Stupid social justice buzz words, check. Racist cops, check. Abortion is healthcare, check. Our evil foreign policy, check. All in a few hundred words about a romantic comedy. 

Lefties are fun, aren’t they?