Teachers Preaching Anti-America Propaganda Turning Students into Young Voters ‘Ashamed’ of Nation’s History

Craig Bannister | May 14, 2021
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ClassroomLiberal teachers pummeling impressionable students with revisionist history and anti-America propaganda appear to be succeeding in their efforts to turn their students, who go on to become adult voters, against their country.

A national Rasmussen survey of U.S. likely voters, conducted May 9-10, 2021 asked:

“Generally speaking, should Americans be proud or ashamed of the history of the United States?”

The effects of teachers vilifying iconic American historical figures, such as Christopher Columbus, and teaching Critical Race Theory while touting the 1619 Project, are reflected in the response of young adults.

A third (33%) of voters 18-39 years old now say we should be ashamed of U.S. history – almost double the 18% who felt shame four years ago, when Rasmussen asked the question in May of 2017.

Just 13% of voters 40-64 and 17% of those 65+ expressed shame, virtually unchanged from four years earlier (14% and 16%, respectively).

Among all adult Americans, 60% now say Americans should be proud of their country’s history, 22% say they should be ashamed and 18% aren’t sure.

Three times as many Democrats (34%) as Republicans (11%) say Americans should be ashamed, while 18% of those with other party affiliations agree.

Less than half (45%) of Democrats take pride in America’s history, compared to 80% of Republicans and 60% of others.

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