Tebow Hosts International Prom for Special Needs Children

Nick Kangadis | February 18, 2016
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(Image: Tim Tebow Foundation/Facebook)

Who cares about how good you are at football when you can be great at being a good person?

Former NFL player Tim Tebow recently hosted multiple proms for special needs children.

The Tim Tebow Foundation called it Night to Shine.

Night to Shine was no small feat as it was held internationally in 48 states and eight different countries. There were 200 churches that hosted the events, 70,000 volunteers and 32,000 “kings and queens” (guests).

The foundation said they “wanted people with special needs to feel important, to know they're loved, and more importantly to know there is a God that loves them.”

In a video explaining a Night to Shine, Tim Tebow said, “And so we came up with this prom idea where they could all be the queen or the king of the prom.”

In a highlight video of the event, Tebow stated:

It is about giving them a voice. It is about celebrating them. It is about loving them, and letting them know that their lives matter and that they are special and giving them the time of their life.

To view the highlight video, watch below: