TechShark: Dems Push ‘Racial Equity Audits’ For Even MORE Control On Big Tech

Alex Hall | January 4, 2022
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Democrats and race hustler organizations are reportedly pushing for "racial equity audits" to bend Big Tech companies to their will.

As if the race hustlers of the far-left weren’t powerful enough, Democrats are pushing for race politics to dominate Big Tech decisions. “Democrats want to subject tech companies to mandatory ‘racial equity audits’ conducted by their political allies, a move which could cement the party's control of Silicon Valley,” The Washington Free Beacon recently reported.

The Free Beacon illustrated that these audits promise to make the already left-leaning tech world into a series of openly far-left ideologically partisan organizations: “[I]n practice, equity auditors often push companies to hire more left-wing activists and former Democratic party officials, often from the auditing organizations themselves. The audits also call for the abolition of standards of ‘merit’ and the ability for a special executive to veto any company project.”

They summarized that organizations like Color of Change have “already succeeded in using racial equity audits to shape big tech policy.” It cited examples such as when the organization “successfully pushed Facebook into completing an audit that called for more restrictions on Trump's posts,” “pushed for Trump to be permanently banned from the platform,” and even “hired an Obama administration Justice Department official to lead the company's civil rights strategy.”

Far from the “get woke, go broke” adage, companies like the Ford Foundation have reportedly profited handsomely from embracing liberal race politics: “Ford Foundation president Darren Walker claims audits can help ‘the nation’s most successful businesses to become better businesses,’ and that implementing the recommendations of audits could increase the United States' GDP by up to 20 percent,” Free Beacon recounted.

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