TechShark: Is The Praxis City Project the New Silicon Valley for Free Thinkers?

Alex Hall | December 14, 2021
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We’ve seen just about every institution that matters be taken over by woke liberals. We need a solution, and maybe we've found it. Free thinking Silicon valley investors and influencers are talking about creating a futuristic city focused on beauty and freedom in the mediterranean, Praxis! 

America and the world needs an alternative silicon valley that can protect freedom of expression and bring innovation that makes the world better for conservatives and I think I’ve found where it JUST MIGHT be.

I recently became aware of this Praxis society project through The New York Post and Twitter. The New York Post illustrated that Praxis is a self-described “‘society of pioneers racing to settle the first resident-owned Affinity City, developed by Bluebook Cities on the Mediterranean.”

In short, a bunch of angel investors and visionaries like right wing billionaire Peter Thiel seem to be planning a privately owned city, an alternative Silicon Valley for free thinkers on an island in the mediterranean. The New York Post observed further “Their move follows the crippling pandemic, racial tensions and a controversial election — all of which has mounted talk of secession in what was once the tech capital of the world. The Silicon Valley techies are looking to take matters into their own hands by exploring ways to build an apolitical private city run by private residents without US government control.”

For more on Praxis, check out the TechShark video above.

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