Ted Kennedy Jr. Proposes a State Bill That Would MANDATE Organ Harvesting

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 13, 2017
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Parents often hope their children will carry on their traditions, walk the righteous paths they have trod, and uphold the ideals they held dear.

So one must wonder that when it comes to the Kennedy family, is it shocking that Ted Kennedy’s son, Connecticut State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr. should take the family traditions of collectivism and thievery to their next logical steps -- all the way to literal grave robbing?

Fresh into his first term, Edward, His Royal Duke of Kennedy, has proposed SB 750, a bill that would mandate all citizens in the state be put on the Organ Donor list, keeping them fresh for harvest upon death unless they first take the initiative and demand they be taken off.

In essence, the scion of one of the greatest proponents of wage slavery in U.S. history is now saying that the government also owns the literal flesh, blood, bone, and sinews of every person in the state, and, like Doctor Frankenstein (who turned 199 years old on March 10), the bodies can be torn apart with the assumption that one has given his or her permission.

Said Dr. Kennestein:

“There are people right now who are sitting at home, waiting for a phone call for a possible donor, and meanwhile we’re burying hundreds of people every day with perfectly good organs who could have donated those organs.”

That’s right, Doctor. And – just like aborted fetuses used for fetal stem cell harvests -- they never gave you their permission to cut them up for parts.

As noble as heir Kennedy’s intentions are, his is yet another case of the consequentialist mindset, which embraces the idea that the ends justify the means, and disregards the subjective intentions and valuations of the individual. Thus, force is applied by such thinking, force that now mandates that for the greater good, all citizens must act to defend their religious beliefs or personal preferences from the acquisitive hands of the state.

But perhaps ironically, Kennedy's own father co-sponsored a law in the U.S. Senate that forbids people from willingly selling their own organs. Since the law, known as the National Organ Transplant Act (co-sponsored by Kennedy, Al Gore and Orrin Hatch) was passed in 1984, hundreds of thousands of people have died waiting for donors, while arguably thousands would have been willing to donate if they or their families could have profited. As grisly as some might feel this harsh fact is, these are real outcomes of an unconstitutional law.

So while Mr. Kennedy bemoans the dearth of organs to save lives, he never mentions the role his own dad played in destroying the chances of thousands, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands, to live longer and better. Instead, he introduces a bill that perfectly befits a Kennedy: one of coercion, state control, and literal cannibalism for parts backed by the power of government.

Like the Son of Frankenstein, the Kennedy tradition continues. To Ted, Jr., people are the property of the state, there to be used for “the greater good."

The hypocrisy appears to be genetic, as well, and it’s doubtful that any form of scientific intervention can stop it. It's unlikely that, in the future, mankind will invent a technology to transplant integrity.