Texas Christian University Offers 'Queer Art of Drag' Course

Haika Mrema | June 20, 2023
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Our nation's higher education system continues to deteriorate, but it hits differently when the perversion comes from a supposedly Christian university. 

Texas Christian University is offering a “Queer Art of Drag” course that requires students to create a “drag persona” and give a final performance. Dr. Nino Testa, also known by his drag persona “Maria von Clapp,” will instruct the course, as revealed by Campus Reform

“Drag is an art form with a rich history of challenging dominant norms and systems of oppression; building queer community; and cultivating experiences of queer joy in a hostile world. But drag has also been deployed in service of violent ideologies and can sometimes participate in harmful normative logics. Critical drag explores drag performance as an outlet for social critique, pedagogy, and queer world making," a statement from the website reads. 

To build a “drag persona” students must create a “drag vision board,” a “bibliography,” a “worksheet,” an “in-class lip-sync performance,” and a “storyboard.” 

To receive an A- or A in the course, students must “participate in a live group number on the night of the Spectrum Drag Show.” Additionally, their “drag bibliography” must include 8 to 10 articles “about the people, performers, aesthetics, movements, politics, ideas, or communities” that inspire their drag personas.”

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The “My Drag Worksheet” requires students to name and describe their “drag persona,” create a “drag greeting,” have a “lip sync portfolio,” and “strike a pose." Students must also do an in-class lip sync performance for approximately one minute. They are welcome to wear makeup and must focus on “choreography, movement, gestures, poses, style, facial expressions, and accuracy of the sync.”

The course warns students that “readings will refer to scenes of anti-queerness, racism, misogyny, and other forms of violence.” 

“Some of the performances we will read about or watch may actually perpetuate or circulate racist/sexist jokes, ideas, and norms,” the warning reads. “Feel free to walk out of class as needed without notifying or asking permission.”

This class is not only useless in preparing students to contribute to society but defies Christianity and what it stands for. As a student from the rival Texas Christian school Baylor University, I implore TCU to keep their craziness up north. 

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