Texas Dad Shoots Teenagers Attempted Robbers Who Threatened His Kids

Brittany M. Hughes | July 11, 2022
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Two teenage would-be robbers found themselves in the hospital with bullet wounds after being shot by an angry dad.

This story comes courtesy of Texas, where a pair of teenagers tried to break into a car as a man and his wife sat inside with their two children. Fox News reports that as the family pulled up to their home late Sunday night, the teens walked up to the car and tried to open the back door, where the couple’s two infant children were sitting. Fearing for his children’s safety, the man, who was sitting in the passenger seat at the time, opened fire and hit both teenage criminals.

The wife then sped away.

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Another car driven by someone believed to be with the teenage thieves pulled up and sped the pair away. The two were eventually taken to the hospital, where they were treated for non-life-threatening bullet wounds.

Fox adds that police aren’t investigating the man for shooting the teens, saying he was well within his legal right to defend himself and his family.

The moral of the story? Don’t try to break into a man’s car, especially when his kids are in the backseat.

And especially not in Texas.

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