Texas Rep. Backs Bill To Ban Drag Shows For Kids: ‘A Common-Sense Anti-Grooming Law’

Jessica Kramer | June 15, 2022
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“This is about the sexualization of children – that’s it,” is how Texas State Rep. Bryan Slaton explains drag shows that are geared to kids.

Slaton says he will introduce a measure during next year’s legislative session aimed at protecting kids from drag shows and other inappropriate displays.

The legislative move was announced following videos that surfaced online showing children attending a drag showcase in Dallas. 

Slaton argues that drag queen shows for children send a confusing message to kids who we want to protect from sexual predators.

“Instead of being concerned when an adult is being inappropriate with them, it’s basically teaching them it’s okay for someone to be in their underwear next to me and ask me to touch them,” Slaton says.

“It’s a common-sense anti-grooming law – basically that’s all it is.”

Watch the full MRCTV interview above.

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