That's a Spin: Ana Navarro Says Hunter Biden Crimes Are Really 'The Story of a Father's Love'

Sarah Merly | June 28, 2023
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For the longest time, the mainstream media dodged the Hunter Biden scandal by denying its existence. Now, television host Ana Navarro has painted a portrait of President Biden’s noble role as a family man with the paintbrushes of the scandalous laptop and the acrylics of drugs.

“The Hunter Biden story – the scandal, the this, the that – it’s also the story of a father’s love,” said Navarro on The View. “And Joe Biden has never and will never give up on his son, Hunter, and will never treat him lesser than. He is a father first, take it or leave it.”

Honestly, I’m not sure which perspective on the scandal is worse. At least the media’s previous denial of Biden’s crimes inadvertently proved just how catastrophic it would be for the current administration if the President’s son were to receive proper punishment. But claiming that the scandal is a prime example of the Biden family’s generosity and love almost feels worse. Leftist reporters now act like they’re being completely honest with the American people while blatantly encouraging them to toss aside the younger Biden’s crimes as mere trivialities. 

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For instance, The New York Times published an opinion piece on Saturday titled, “The Real Lesson from the Hunter Biden Saga," in which columnist Nicholas Kristof writes, “While the federal investigation appears to be ongoing, for now I see no clear evidence of wrongdoing by President Biden himself–but the president does offer the country a fine model of the love and support that people with addictions need.”

“When Biden was vice president and trailed by Secret Service agents,” continues Kristof, “he once tracked down Hunter when he was on a bender and refused to leave until his son committed to entering treatment. Biden then gave his son a tight hug and promised to return to make sure he followed through.”

The media may never own up to it, but when they call fathers who help their sons commit international crimes “loving” and fathers who resist the abortion agenda uninformed, we’re living in a world dominated by lies.

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