THERE IS HOPE: Good Samaritan LEVELS a Would-Be Shoplifter, and It's Glorious

Brittany M. Hughes | November 2, 2022
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Every now and then, even in a world as batcrap crazy as ours, the good guys still get a win – especially when they know how to take one.

While brazen, broad-daylight robberies of convenience stores by barefaced thugs has become an all-too-common sight in American cities, where crime abounds amid permissive leftists policies, one would-be shoplifter found out the hard way that law and order still matter to some people – a less he learned after getting dropped by a Good Samaritan while trying to make out of a drug store with a plastic bag full of stolen loot.

Check out this epic moment:

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I’m certainly no expert, but I hear one of the best places to rethink your terrible life choices is on a cold tile floor staring up at some fluorescent lights and the face of the good guy who just cleaned your clock.