'These are the Idiots We're Dealing with': Trump Tells Tucker Gen. Milley Wanted to Leave Military Equipment in Afghanistan

Nick Kangadis | April 12, 2023
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Former President Donald Trump sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson for his first interview since appearing in a Manhattan courtroom eight days ago to face the charges brought against him by Soros-funded Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Carlson and Trump spoke about a multitude of topics, but one thing that Trump said that was particularly interesting was about current President Joe Biden’s regime’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021.

Trump spoke about conversations between top military officials and himself over how to withdraw from the country the U.S. had been in, militarily, for over 20 years. But, it was a name Trump dropped in talking about the aforementioned talks with officials that should be of interest to those that have wanted a better insight as to how and why the Biden regime screwed up in their withdrawal from the Middle Eastern country.

I said, ‘I want every nail, every screw. I want the tents.’ They said, ‘Sir, the tents are very hard to take out.’ I said, ‘I want the tents. I want the tanks. I want the planes. I want everything.’ And a couple of them fought me on it, like [Gen. Mark “White Rage”] Milley. He said, ‘Sir, it’s cheaper to leave the equipment behind.’

I said, ‘Let me ask you. We have a plane that costs $100 million. It’s sitting there. All it needs is a tank of gas, right? Give me a little jet fuel. We’ll fly it to Pakistan or any place else, or we’ll fly it directly home. You say it’s cheaper to leave $100 million plane?’ ‘Sir, I think overall it’s cheaper.’

These are idiots we’re dealing with. They left $85 billion worth of equipment. They left our American citizens behind, and they moved the military out first. No, you move the military out last.

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As a result of the Biden regime’s incompetence, the Taliban that took over Afghanistan and essentially kicked the Americans out of the country are now well-funded, because they’ve been able to not only equip themselves but sell a lot of that equipment to enemies of the U.S., including China.

Way to go, Biden! Way to go, Milley. No one does incompetence like the Biden regime does incompetence.

For Trump's full comments in this segment of the interview with Carlson, watch below (Quoted part begins around the 4:50 mark):



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