Thinly-veiled Contempt: New York Times Attempts to Paint Rep. Flores as ‘Far-right’

Wallace White | July 6, 2022
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Ever since Mayra Flores (R-34) won in Texas running on the pro-America platform of “God, Family, Country,” liberal media mudslingers were roused for a fight to get their pound of flesh from the new congresswoman. Now the New York Times is jumping in the ring with predictable accusations of Flores of being “far-right” in an article published July 6

Mayra Flores became “the first Republican to represent the Rio Grande valley in more than a century” according to the Times. She ran on a platform that embraced America-First sentiments and policies, and it propelled her to a big victory. So, like clockwork, the media came after her. 

The article in question starts with a foreboding proclamation that “The Trump age has given rise to a new brand of Texas Republicans, one of whom is already walking the halls of Congress: the far-right Latina.” 

Hell hath no fury like a “far-right Latina,” I suppose.

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She held firm and didn’t take the NYT bait when they asked her if Joe Biden had been “Legitimately elected.” Of course, the Times was offended that she refused to answer a leading question that’s only purpose is to be a political bludgeon, calling it a “nonanswer.”

Even the Times admitted that the area she won in was a “politically liberal yet culturally conservative place.” Wait, so let me get this straight: She is a far-right radical and yet the people who voted for her The Times calls simply “conservative” and not “far-right” as well? 


Apparently what qualifies as “far-right” to the New York Times include things like putting up “images of Jesus” in her office and appealing to “traditional values.” If simply loving God is “embracing the far right,” as the New York Times said in their article, then why hasn’t there been some kind of theocratic coup given that 56 percent of Americans believe in the Lord

But of course, it's rare that the failing Times writes articles in good faith. This was a simple smear job, plain and simple, stretching existing news and applying it to a radical political label for a God-fearing congresswoman.