Those Poor, Suffering Palestinians

admin | June 2, 2010
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You remember them right; those poor, unfortunate souls trapped behind that inhumane Israeli blockade? Well, as we've seen, they're not so pitiable after all. Turns out that they're really just a bunch of anti-Semitic goons who've gotten really good at playing the victim. Everyone by now has seen the video, posted below, of those "humanitarians" singing songs about the 7th Century attack by He Who Shall Not Be Illustrated (Muhammad) on the Jewish community at Kaibar. But, in case you were thinking of sampling the Kool-Aid and thinking that such songs are really just Arab folk songs, here's a little reminder of just who these humanitARAYNs really are and who they want to help so much.

Remember this guy? No? Well he's Farfur the Jew-Hating Mouse. Hamas introduced him a few years back to bring violent antisemitism to the Palestinian youth. Turns out that, once this evil little stunt became public, even the jihadi apologists in the salons of Europe couldn't cover for this one -- antisemitism being an adults-only activity, of course. So, Hamas decided to cancel the program, lest their generous European (and American) benefactors be forced to turn off the old foreign aid spigot. Now, I'm sure you're wondering just how Hamas explained to all the junior jihadis that their favorite radical rodent wouldn't be around to entertain and indoctrinate them. Did Farfur make the Hajj and like Saudi Arabia so much he wanted to stay? No. Did he move to Dubai for the indoor ski slope? No. Did he get captured by Israeli security forces and, after refusing to give up his mujaheddin brothers, get beaten to death by an Israeli officer? BINGO!! Farfur is now a "shahid" or martyr, complete, I guess, with 71 Minnies. But remember, jihad is a "legitimate tenet" of Islam, and we shouldn't pass judgment on these poor, oppressed people of the Gaza Strip. Yeah, right.