Thousands of Dodgers Fans Party In the Streets of LA While Gov't Keeps Churches and Businesses Closed

Brittany M. Hughes | October 28, 2020
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Another night, another riot – this one, apparently, because of a baseball game.

After the LA Dodgers clinched their first World Series win since 1988 Tuesday night, fans took to the streets of Los Angeles to…celebrate? Riot? Throw a vandalism party? At this point, it’s all the same.

But regardless of why they were out in full force yet again, here was the scene last night in Los Angeles, where thousands of people gathered in the streets to scream, loot and destroy things, even as churches, stores and restaurants are banned from fully reopening due to COVID. While a wave of bankruptcies have been filed by businesses who’ve seen their sales plummet amid the forced government shutdowns, here’s a similar wave – one of people congregating in the streets unimpeded, even climbing atop an 18-wheeler that had become trapped in the mass.

As churches like Pastor John MacArthur’s Grace Community in Sun Valley fight to remain open to worshippers despite heavy legal fire from county officials, here’s a car doing illegal donuts in an intersection amid a mob of potential super-spreaders who, for some reason, the city has deemed far less threatening than a bunch of Christians gathering to sing hymns once a week.

And as L.A. restaurants and businesses sue the city to recover some $100 million in permit fees they say the city continued to charge them while still forcing them to remain closed to the public, here’s the LA Times, who recently compared President Trump’s Rose Garden “super-spreader” event to Edger Allen Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death,” praising Dodgers fans for taking to the streets in droves to celebrate “a joyous night in a year of such misery.”

But fear not, church-goers and restauranteurs. I'm sure both the media and the city will recognize their hypocrisy and work quickly to correct the double-standard.