Thousands in Human Infrastructure Out of Work Due to Jab Mandates

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 5, 2021

The pockets of rebellion are growing, the stories of resistance reverberate in more and more hearts.

President Joe Biden’s claims of “jab mandate power” through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the numerous left-wing politicians who are imposing their own on a state or local government level, are meeting powerful opposition across the nation.

In New York City, angry residents just dumped piles of trash on Mayor Bill De Blasio’s “official” tax-funded yard – their protest brought about by an intentional “slow-down” of trash collection, which, itself, is a tactic of city sanitation employees opposing the de Blasio jab mandate. As Gregory Hoyt notes for RedVoiceMedia:

Teamsters Local 831 President Harry Nespoli, whose union represents the sanitation workers in the city, was asked what the reason for the work slowdown was, and he candidly replied with ‘The mandate’s going on.’

And Nespoli had a lot more to say in this instance where unions within the public sphere actually are defending freedom, rather than trying to wring more tax money from citizens:

‘Look, you’re going to have some spots in the city that they feel very strongly about this…I’ll tell you straight out: I disagree with the mandate because of one reason. We have a program in place right now in the department, which is, you get the vaccination or you get tested once a week.’

Under Mayor [Bill] de Blasio’s implemented order impacting city workers, the option for weekly testing was removed and thus city employees are only left with the option of getting vaccinated.

And since trash is piling up in Brooklyn and on Staten Island, residents figured they’d give De Blasio an idea of what things are like.

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Also in New York, a few days ago, the NY Post reported that fully 26 city firehouses are seeing their teams depart, as a result of the mayor’s decree.

As Nicole Malliotokis (R-N.Y.) tweeted October 30, offering video, to boot:


That same day, she expanded on the matter:

On the opposite coast, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is sticking to his guns, and, on behalf of his 18,000 employees, he issued a public letter to the jab-mandating Board of Supervisors on October 28 stating, in part:

If I were to follow your mandate, I could potentially lose 44 percent of my workforce in one day. I cannot enforce reckless mandates that put the public’s safety at risk.

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And as Bailey O’Carroll reports for Arizona’s KOLD, TV13, the Tucson public water system is threatened by the city’s jab mandate:

A Tucson Water employee said they are losing staff and it’s leading to a troubling shortage.

‘We are watching employees walk out as I speak in the water quality and operations division,’ said the employee, who asked to remain anonymous.

The worker said Tucson Water is having to move employees from other departments to help.

‘We’re pulling people from other areas and other departments to help specifically cover the operations division which is overseeing the water quality and drinking water parameters,’ the worker said.

Perverse rhetoricians in the fields of collectivist economics and politics for decades have told gullible students that “certain services” require what they call “natural monopolies” whereby the government blocks market competitors and either runs a system itself or establishes a legal monopoly for something like a water corporation or a corporate electricity provider. But these are not “natural monopolies” at all. They are fascist examples of government word-spin, and now people can see how dangerous it is to allow government to have ANY hand in something one might need to support his or her life or betterment.

The jab mandates on the local, state, and federal level make the situation worse, and are visible manifestations of the systematic growth of government agencies and “regulations” that Americans blissfully have not questioned for far too long.

As people see the problems arising over these jab mandates – all for a virus that has an average survivability rate over 99 percent – they can recall that these mandates are piled atop previous mandates directed at taxpayers to pay for the metastatic growth of government control.

This is a wake-up call. And people interested in liberty and the peaceful treatment of man must rise now that they can see how deep and wide the unethical, tax-demanding, control grid is.