Three Red Counties In Maryland Want To Join West Virginia

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 27, 2021
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On October 22, Jim Justice, West Virginia's Republican governor, held a press conference in which he welcomed the overtures of politicians from three rural Maryland counties – overtures regarding their interest in seceding from Maryland and joining their more conservative neighbor.

Said Justice, in part:

We want everyone to always know that we’re absolutely standing here with open arms.

And, specifically, about those Maryland counties, Justice noted:

For Garrett County, for Allegany County, and for Washington County, we would welcome you in every way.

This comes in response to a letter sent to the WV legislature by six Maryland legislators, and about which The New American’s James Murphy explained:

A group of six lawmakers representing Garrett, Allegany, and Washington counties at the extreme west of the state wrote to the West Virginia legislature, asking them to consider the move. The three counties have a combined population of just over 250,000.

Maryland long has been a stronghold of leftist Dems and left-leaning Republicans, including Governor Larry Hogan, who has been cited as a RINO for his aggressive lockdown mentality and utter dismissal of his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. And, as Murphy notes, the more urban centers of eastern Maryland tend to dominate the legislative agenda in Annapolis, filling it with their aggressive leftist philosophy.

This has been a major trigger for the politicians in the three potential breakaway counties:

The proposal stems from a feeling in the three counties that the values of the more populous eastern portion of the state take precedence in Maryland’s state government, with Garrett, Allegany and Washington Counties’ wishes being largely ignored in the legislature. Among key issues that have angered Western Maryland are the state’s hard line against fracking, and its support for mask mandates and the teaching of critical race theory in public schools.

Of course, we all know that these concerns are unwarranted. Nothing like those impositions possibly could have been thrown onto the backs of innocent Maryland residents (wink, wink).

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Murphy cites the observations of Wendell Beitzel, one Maryland Republican legislator who signed the letter in what he says was a response to public demand.

The people out here keep contacting the legislators from this region and saying: ‘Why don’t we go to West Virginia? Why don’t we go to West Virginia?’

And Beitzel noted:

All the legislators have been hounded from our constituents to check in on the possibility.

That possibility is slim, but it reflects the long-standing problem leftist ideology presents to peace-loving people in the western parts of Maryland, and also offers a key contemporary reference to secession, something that leftists of both major parties depict as somehow racist and evil when they talk about the secession of the South prior to Abraham Lincoln’s invasion in 1861.

But from state secession in the U.S., to county secession from Maryland, to personal secession away from a corrupt polis that has been imposed on each of us without consent, the concept of secession is an important one, and this news story is an excellent reminder that we could do loved ones a service by investigating it and telling the moral and historical truth about it.

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