11-Year-Old Girl Assigned Transgender Girl (aka Male) Bedmate for School Trip

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | December 4, 2023
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On Monday, The Daily Signal released an exclusive piece covering a situation in Colorado where an 11-year-old girl was told that she was being assigned a biologically male student to share a bed with during the school’s cross-country road trip. To make matters worse, the child’s parents had no idea about the assignment prior to the incident.

Joe and Serena Wailes’ daughter, whom they refer to as “D.W.” in the letter for privacy purposes, was part of the fifth grade school trip from Colorado to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. this past June. Though the school district told parents that boys and girls would be sleeping on different floors, the school technically broke that agreement when allowing a transgender girl, aka a boy, to not only sleep on the same floor as biological girls, but the same room in the same bed as a real girl!

D.W. was assigned a room with three other students, two were girls from her school and the third was the transgender girl, who was called “K.E.M” in the letter, from a different school.

Now at 11-years-old, it was highly likely that nobody could really tell that K.E.M was a biological boy. At that age he may not have developed a lower voice, an obvious Adam's apple or facial hair and normal girls might not have apparent breasts yet. If K.E.M wore girls clothes and had long hair like Mrs. Wailes told The Daily Signal, it's likely that he might be able to pass as a girl pretty easily.  

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When D.W. figured out that K.E.M was her bedmate and was a boy, she “snuck into the bathroom and called her mother,” The Daily Signal added. 

“I was really upset,” Mrs.Wailes said. “One, I was really upset that she was put in that situation at 11 years old—I don’t feel that is fair to put kids in that kind of situation—and two, that we were not even given the information that this was a possibility before the trip. The whole time they’re saying, ‘Girls on one floor, boys on another, they’re not going to be in each other’s rooms unless it is pre-approved.’ So we’re going through this whole process, not even recognizing that this is a possibility.”

Mrs. Wailes, luckily, was a chaperone on the trip so was able to take action to protect her daughter.

After getting trip leaders involved and confirming K.E.M’s transgender identity, the male student was eventually moved to a new room…still with a female student. The letter insisted that K.E.M’s “privacy and feelings” were the “primary concern” of school employees who were on the trip. 

Mr. and Mrs. Wailes, who are being represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom, are insisting that the Jefferson County School Board and area superintendent clarify whether or not the district will “continue this practice of intentionally withholding information about rooming accommodations from parents like the Waileses, who object to their children rooming with a student of the opposite sex, regardless of the other student’s gender identity,” the letter which was exclusively provided to The Daily Signal indicated. 

They’re disgusted by what happened to their daughter and don’t want it to happen to their other two girls, or any other student for that matter. 

Not only should that child not have been assigned to share a bed with a biological male, but the school should have been transparent about the assignments in the first place. Imagine if D.W. didn’t find out that K.E.M was a boy until she was possibly being molested or harassed by him in her own bed. While that didn’t happen, it very well could have, and allowing schools to prioritize an agenda over the safety of their students goes to show how radically progressive and twisted the public school system and world at large is.


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