Another Week, Another Teacher Guilty of Sleeping With Student

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 15, 2024

Another week, another teacher who sexually harassed her students.

Ann Bacon, 24, was charged Monday after admitting to having sex with one of her 18-year-old students, in Minnesota. Though the student was legally an adult when the interactions took place, Bacon was in a position of power since she was the teacher and he was the student, therefore she  is charged for the professional misconduct, Daily Mail reported.

Bacon, a special education teacher and the dance team coach of Tartan High School, lived in her parents’ basement in the Ramsey county area of southeastern Minnesota. Since she couldn’t bring the teen to her parents’ house, Bacon admitted that she rented a hotel room a “handful” of times to have sex with him.

This took place during May 8 and July 4 of 2023 as confirmed by hotel records.

The victim's ex-girlfriend was a witness and said that in May the boy broke up with her and began secretly hanging out with his teacher. In August the victim and his girlfriend got back together and the girlfriend found sexual messages and nude pictures in the chat between the victim and Bacon. Additionally it showed Bacon drinking alcohol in the hotel with the victim and a Venmo payment of $40 and titled “liqq” in June is part of the investigation.

The victim's girlfriend claimed the Venmo payment was from her 17-year-old cousin who sent it to Bacon after Bacon allegedly got the underage teens alcohol. Bacon denied this and insisted that she couldn't remember what the payment was for.

Another witness told authorities that they reported the crime to the school in July, Bacon denied the accusations at the time, but then the witness reported it again after having concerns that Bacon was still teaching at the school and “as a special education teacher, had access to vulnerable students."

Bacon eventually admitted to sleeping with the student five times but initially refused to admit that any took place while the 18-year-old was still a student but instead when he’d graduated. Later, as USA Today reported, she “eventually admitted to having sex with the former student, and that it began when he was in her class.”

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Bacon has since resigned from her position and the school principal sent out the following statement to staff and students this past Tuesday:

I am writing to inform you of the recent resignation of a Tartan teacher, Ann Bacon. We have been informed by local law enforcement that Ann Bacon is being investigated for alleged misconduct.

Please be assured that the trust and safety of our students remain our utmost priority. We are cooperating fully with law enforcement’s investigation and will continue to do so throughout the process.

We understand that this news affects our school community. School counselors and administrators are available for any students needing support.

On Monday Bacon was charged with felony third-degree criminal sexual misconduct and has a pre-trial hearing March 20.  

Y’all I can’t keep up with these stories! They’re becoming way too popular and make me want to homeschool my kids more and more!

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