Celebrities Losing Followers Over Israel/Palestine Conflict

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 9, 2023
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Newsweek coordinated a poll with Redfield and Wilton Strategies who discovered that many people are unfollowing or have already unfollowed celebrities who’ve voiced their opinions on the war on Israel. 

The poll, as indicated by Newsweek, surveyed 1,500 eligible U.S. voters on October 29. 19 percent of those people admitted that they’ve seen a celebrity or an influencer voice their opinion on the war in Israel. Of that 19 percent, 36 percent of them unfollowed celebrities as a result of their opinion on the war. 

The poll comes as many celebrities have voiced their stance on what is happening in Israel while at the same time, numerous have remained silent on the situation. 

Late last month a list of more than 400 celebrities signed a letter to President Joe Biden insisting that he “not rest” until Hamas releases the hostages it currently has in captivity. Among them were people like Adam Scandler, Chris Rock, Gwynth Paltrow, Jerry Seinfield, Justin Timberlake, Will Farrell and Andy Cohen. 

It’s likely those celebrities lost followers over their stance, as many on the left don’t feel that rescuing the hostages is of much importance. 

As a matter of fact,  Israeli actress Gal Gadot was under fire for her comments on Israel. Gadot screened footage from the October 7th slaughter by Hamas terrorists and she faced not only breakouts of fights between pro-Israel and pro-Hamas groups but tons of scrutiny online. 

In another example, Amy Schumer showed support for Israel online and faced cancelation. Numerous users also called for a boycott of Selena Gomez’s cosmetics line after she attempted to remain neutral in the debate.

At the same time, there've been numerous celebrities who’ve supported Palestine and Hamas in this war. Models like Bella and Gigi Hadid, who’s father is from Palestine have received backlash on social media and from the Israeli government for not taking a stance in support of innocent life in Israel.

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Honestly, it’s a good step for our society to actually make decisions on their own. So many people follow anything and everything that a celebrity or an influencer has to say and is — well, influenced to feel, believe or think the same way.

Wether its supporting abortion because Olivia Rodrigo said to, or supporting drag queens because Kelsea Ballerini incorporated them into her Country Music Awards performance last year, it seems our society has stopped thinking critically and prefers to just hop on the bandwagon of whatever is popular with whatever celebrity of their liking agrees with. 

That’s a dangerous game to play and it’s nice to see that at least some people are recognizing that just because celebrities have fame and following, doesn’t mean that everything they do or say is to be treated as gospel.

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