Fla. ‘All-Ages’ Pride Event: Rainbow Penises, Bare Butts & Bouncing Boobies

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 25, 2024
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How many times do we have to say that there’s no such thing as a “family-friendly” event that includes sex toys, booties, and tits?

Tampa, Florida hosted a pride event over the weekend. It was advertised as an “all ages family-friendly” event, yet featured not only numerous sexually explicit individuals dancing and trotting around for kids to see, but even had sex toys and erotic merchandise for sale.

The event was facilitated by a group called Tampa Pride. The group works “To organize year round events, culminating in an annual Pride event that celebrates members of the LGBTQ+ community in Tampa and the surrounding areas – championing our shared experiences, honoring our differences and strengthening our community,” according to its website.

Apparently, that also means indoctrinating, grooming and traumatizing little kids in the process.

A video was shared by Gays Against Groomers bashing the event and explaining how pride is “not for kids.” In it, numerous disturbing sites from the event were displayed.

One example was an image of an overweight drag queen on a parade float. He was wearing a pink striped flapper dress with a masquerade mask and carried what looked like a stuffed mouse in his hand. He also had his two bare boobies hanging out, nipples and all. Though they were obviously fake, they shouldn’t have been in the eyesight of little kids yet, they were.

His accomplice dressed a little differently. Similarly, however, he was also way too exposed. This dude had on a strappy top that covered absolutely nothing and really just drew attention to his nipples that were strategically positioned in triangle cut-outs of his top. As for his bottoms, or lack thereof, he wore a black and purple thong that accentuated not only his junk in the trunk but his junk in the…uh…engine? 

In one image of this groomer, you could see a little girl standing what looked like only a few feet away from him and his barely covered genitalia. 

If you ask me, I consider that child abuse.

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At the vendor section of the event, numerous displays of inappropriate merchandise were exposed. At one tent, a fan that read “MAKE ME CUM AGAIN” was displayed for all to see. 

Another tent from "My Practice Candy," offered lollipops shaped like genitalia. The vendor had all different size penises and vaginas in various fruity flavors.  A sign that Gays Against Groomers posted indicated four special items that were for sale: a “Lickety Split,” which was a vagina shaped lollipop, the “Average Joe” which was a six-inch penis pop, the “OMG!” which was seven-inches and then an eight-inch long “Mandingo” pop.

Kids who passed by likely/hopefully didn’t realize that the lollipops were shaped like genitalia, but the bright, vibrant colors were undoubtedly enough to at least catch their attention. Again, that’s abusive and grooming.

Speaking of abusive, Gays Against Groomers also shared an image of a little boy, who couldn’t have been more than three-years-old, holding a transgender flag in one hand and a bisexual flag in another, walking down the street.

It really is heartbreaking that events like this are even happening, that adults think this behavior is okay to be shown in public and with confidence, and that kids were subject to it. 

Lord, please send your Son again.


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