Fla. Heartbeat Act Goes Into Effect: Pro-Lifers Rejoice, Pro-Aborts Cry

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | May 2, 2024

The Florida Heartbeat Protection Act went into effect on Wednesday in the 'Sunshine State,' protecting babies with detectable heartbeats from the brutal effects of abortion. Both individuals in support and those in opposition uttered their feelings regarding the new law going into effect.

The Act makes it so that babies at around six-weeks gestation, when heartbeats are generally detectable, cannot be aborted. According to Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America, it has the potential to protect roughly 50,000 lives annually.

The law, however, does leave exceptions for cases where a mother’s life is at risk, when a fatal prenatal diagnosis occurs, and in cases of rape, incest or human trafficking.

In response to the news, many pro-life individuals and groups celebrated the potential this has to save lives.

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“The Florida Heartbeat Act took effect today! That means preborn children are protected after 6 weeks gestation!” Catholic professor Michael New wrote on his X account linking to data from the Charlotte Lozier Institute about the 160 pregnancy centers in Florida who can serve more women, like the 88,000-plus they served in 2022, now that the heartbeat law is in effect.

“While not perfect, the Heartbeat Protection Act will nonetheless now SAVE tens of thousands of unborn children’s lives annually here in the Sunshine State!” Florida Voice for the Unborn wrote and linked to a verse in Psalms about rejoicing in what the Lord has done.

On the contrary, pro-aborts were mad that babies would be saved.

“As of this morning, 4 million women in this state woke up with fewer reproductive freedoms than they had last night,” Vice President Kamala Harris said at an appearance in Jacksonville, Florida on Wednesday.

One user wrote, “The law is barbaric. Like the man who signed it,” in response to a woman who wrote that “today marks the day, my daughter has less rights than the day she was born.”

“Florida’s abortion ban will have a catastrophic impact on abortion access across the Southeast. As this years-long crisis continues to unfold and confusion mounts, abortion funds continue to show up and show out for their communities,” The National Network of Abortion Funds wrote with a graphic that read “F**K ABORTION BANS.”

Obviously, with new laws not everyone is going to get their way, but all I can say is that babies get to live and nobody should be against that.


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