Former 'SNL' Star Touts Support for Abortion, Praises Planned Parenthood

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 22, 2023
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In a recent memoir, former "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) star Leslie Jones opened up about killing three children through abortion and credits Planned Parenthood for saving her life. What a nut!

In her newly released memoir, “Leslie F**king Jones,” Jones confessed that she had her first abortion when she was 18 and dating a 27 year old man. Jones blamed the fact that her mother, who suffered a massive stroke when Jones was young and wasn’t able to teach Jones about the birds and the bees, led to her fooling around without protection, according to a report from Page Six.

Supposedly by her mid-20s, Jones ended up having a total of three abortions and eventually realized, “This is not a birth control method," and added, "I don’t want to say it was wrong, because to this day I would do the same thing."

Despite her realization, Jones accredited Planned Parenthood to being her Hail Mary during those times and her babies were already killed by the time she understood that birth control is to prevent pregnancies, not end them when they already exist.

“When I went to Planned Parenthood, I finally learned how to prevent pregnancies and take care of myself. Thank God for those people and what they do,” Jones wrote. “I still give money to them to this day.” 

It’s kinda ironic that Jones is thanking God for Planned Parenthood. If she’s talking about the real God, based on everything He teaches, I am pretty sure He doesn’t support anything Planned Parenthood does. As a matter of fact, Jones should have been thanking the Devil because personally, I think Planned Parenthood is a direct result of his work! 

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This isn’t the first time Jones has been vocal about her love of and support for abortion. In one of her "SNL" segments, Jones bashed pro-life laws and pushed pro-abortion rhetoric. 

In a skit a few years ago about Alabama passing a pro-life law, Jones appeared on camera in a costume imitating those from the Handmaid's Tale.

“Basically we’re all handmaid’s now,” she said. Then she ripped off her cloak and bonnet to expose a shirt with the word “MINE” and an arrow pointing down. “What made me so mad was seeing the 25 Alabama senators who voted for the abortion ban,” she said during the "SNL" episode as she told producers to throw the senators pictures up on the screen for the audience to boo at. 

In the same segment, she equated having the “choice” to kill your kid to “freedom.”

It’s no surprise that in Jones’ memoir she touts her undeniable support of ending human life. While it is disgusting, evil and vile, her words are very symbolic of Hollywood elites who care more about themselves and their fame than human life.


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