Gays Against Groomers Expose Raunchy Content at 'All Ages' Sex Shop

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | September 20, 2023
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The popular anti-grooming social media based group, Gays Against Groomers, recently posted images of books that were available in a supposedly “all-ages” sex shop in Washington state. Twitter/X users went ballistic over how vulgar and raunchy the books were and that kids should NOT be allowed in or anywhere near such a store. 

The group posted four images that were obtained by a mom in the Port Orchard community. All images were reportedly taken at Aphrodisia Boutique, which markets itself as a sex shop “For everyone — whether you’re a sex toy newbie or an experienced pervert.”

One of the titles was called, “We Need to Talk About Vaginas: An IMPORTANT Book About Vulvas, Periods, Puberty and Sex!” The front cover is adorned with bright colors and flashy fonts as well as a drawing of a girl looking into her underpants. 

Amazon lists the reading range as 10-14 years old. There are numerous chapter tiles that look like they could be of actual importance to pre-pubescent kids, like ones about puberty and keeping things clean down there. But then there’s other chapters, like “gender identity,” “staying safe,” and “touching yourself.” Ah yes, I forget that now it's apparently common to teach people about sex and masturbation as children. 

According to a sample of the book, there are descriptive drawings and diagrams of female private parts. Though the sex and masturbation pages aren’t included in the sample, there's little doubt that they’re graphic as well. 

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Another book that was for sale at the “all-ages” sex shop was called “Queer Werewolves Destroy Capitalism.” It’s apparently a book about “queer utopias” and includes tales that are “unapologetically queer, unabashedly smutty speculative fiction [that] will thrill, titillate, and delight.” 

Great. Kids are being exposed to books that teach about males on males that will facilitate sexual excitement. 

Two other books were shown in another image. One called “The Body is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love” showed a woman with huge mommy milkers that were partially covered with some sort of blue smudges. And yet another book was called “This is Your Brain on Sex.”

According to Amazon, the latter book is exceptionally strange and not kid friendly:

Each chapter of this edgy romp through the romantic brain looks at a different aspect of love above the belt. What in your brain makes you love someone—or simply lust after them? Why do good girls like bad boys? Is monogamy practical? How thin is that line between love and hate? After reading this gimlet-eyed look at love, sex, and the brain, you’ll never look at romance the same way again.

Other titles that were presented in the Gays Against Groomers post were “Curvy Girl Sex,” “Go F**k Yourself,” “Penis Pokey,” which looked like a children’s board book, “UnF**k Your Sex Toys,” a book about DIYing and Macgyvering “sexytimes,” and one more called “Unf**k Your Anilingus: How to Keep Your Oral Butt Sex Cl(ass)y.”

Yup. All these titles were on display and available for any kid entering the sex shop to look at, pick up and peruse through. 

On Twitter, users were disgusted by the books. 

“The day the population will see what stories are told to children. They will have a lot [of] problem to justify it.Those are not children stories at all,” a user wrote.

Another brought up a great point when she said, “I'm 53 and we used to put these people in jail for pedophilia if they have or share pictures with minors of sex acts or talk. What happened?”

One more wrote, “'All-ages sex boutique' should never be a string of words that exists anywhere. Ever.”

According to its website, Aphrodisia has no age limit to enter the store. 

We know that a lot of people are raised in environments where sex is seen as shameful and their access to sex education and resources is limited. For this reason, we decided to allow young people into our store as we believe they deserve a place where they can go to get accurate information without being shamed or silenced. We also think it’s important that young people shouldn’t have to wait until they are 18 to access gender-affirming products that can be an extremely important part of their gender expression.

The site did mention that if a young child entered the store alone, they’d try to connect the child with his or her parent, but didn’t explicitly say due to the nature of their store that they’d turn them away. N A S T Y!

This store needs to have one of those “no shirt, no shoes, no service ” signs at its front door, but have it say “no kids may enter our grotesquely perverted and explicit shop.” Then again, today's society loves indoctrinating and brainwashing kids, so I can’t say I’m too surprised.


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