GOP Calls on DOJ to 'Halt' Their Destruction of The 5 Dead Babies

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 8, 2024
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A group of GOP lawmakers are calling on Attorney General Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice to “halt” any efforts disposing of criminal evidence of five innocent babies.

The move comes just a few days after it became clear that the DOJ attempted to hide potential criminal evidence that’s part of an ongoing investigation regarding five baby bodies found at a Washington D.C. abortion clinic.

In 2022, a group of pro-lifers happened upon the dead bodies of five preemie sized babies along with the remains of over 100 pulverized first-trimester babies. The “D.C. Five,” as they’ve been called, look to have been victims of third trimester abortions or infanticide.

Some of them were completely intact while others were ripped apart.

On Monday The Daily Signal released a piece indicating that the DOJ knew that these babies were likely killed illegally but urged the D.C. Medical Examiner to dispose of their bodies anyway.

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While the babies are still part of ongoing investigation, it seems to make no sense that the DOJ would encourage this unless they were trying to cover up the fact that these babies were killed illegally which, at this point, wouldn't be too surprising given the past record of the DOJ siding with abortion.

The group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) who found the D.C. Five has been extremely vocal about this injustice and have repeatedly called on our government to do something. On Wednesday they even held a vigil for the babies outside of the D.C. Medical Examiner's office.

Also on Wednesday, a group of 45 representatives signed a letter calling on the DOJ to “halt” any efforts to destroy those five babies bodies. 

Spearheaded by Representative Pat Fallon (R-Texas), the letter indicates that it looks like Partial-Birth Abortion Ban and the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act were “both possibly violated, and that at least one child was likely a victim of a partial-birth abortion.” 

The letter went on to say that even after two years, autopsies still haven't been performed and proper investigation hasn’t been done. “An investigation must be conducted on what happened in the Washington Surgi-Clinic to these children to determine if a crime was committed,” the letter indicated. 

Here’s how the letter concluded:

We demand that you immediately halt plans to dispose of these children, as they may well be evidence of a crime. We further demand you stop stonewalling and finally conduct a thorough investigation into the deaths of these children to determine what truly happened, and to hold any lawbreakers or murderers accountable. At the end of this investigation, we encourage a respectful burial of the babies.

Signees included representatives like Gary Palmer (R-Ala.), Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), and Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.). 

In an exclusive conversation with The Daily Signal, Martin Cannon, who is representing the pro-life activists charged by the DOJ, indicated that if nothing is done soon to stop the DOJ from destroying this evidence, “they will dispose of the babies” very soon, possibly by the end of this week.

Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) said it best when he told The Washingon Examiner that “When they were alive, these babies deserved to be treated with respect and compassion. Now, after their violent slaughter, justice must be tenaciously pursued with a thorough investigation into the details surrounding their brutal deaths — no cover ups!”

Ted Cruz echoed Smith’s words when he said:

Destroying evidence is a grave threat to the rule of law, and it is another tragic chapter in the Biden DOJ’s sad history of having two justice systems. The Medical Examiner should reject the DOJ’s lawless order to destroy evidence and instead conduct a proper investigation into whether these late-term abortions violated the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act, or, at minimum, allow for an autopsy by an outside group. 

It is heartbreaking to think about what these babies likely went through and it’s disturbing to realize that our very own Department of Justice seems to care more about covering up their brutal deaths to keep an abortion clinic in business rather than providing actual justice for these babies.

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