Grampy Milk! Transgender Woman Breastfeeds Grandkid

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 29, 2024
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Men can’t breastfeed. End of story.

A transgender woman, with the help of Duke University researchers, breastfed “her” grandchild. In plain English, researchers gave the biological man an experimental hormonal drug so that he could feed his grandkid through his hairy man boobies.

Talk about a dystopian universe!

The transgender woman had five children of his own and when his grandkids came around and he identified as a she, the individual had a strong desire to breastfeed since he couldn’t with his own kids, Daily Mail reported.

Researchers, who published their study in the journal Breastfeeding Medicine, helped the patient accomplish his dream.

“The patient first expressed the unique desire to breastfeed her expected grandchild at an appointment with her endocrinologist in the spring of 2022,” researchers wrote, later adding, “Her primary motivation for inducing lactation was to experience the bond from breastfeeding that she had not been able to experience with her own five children.”

Apparently, after taking galactagogue domperidone, the 50-year-old trans woman was able to produce 30mL of milk at a time after being on the hormonal treatment for four weeks.

“The patient had modifications to her hormone therapy with estrogen and progesterone while remaining on antiandrogen therapy with spironolactone,” the abstract of the study indicated.

The patient breastfed her grandchild for two weeks. 

“She was moved to tears by the experience,” Daily Mail reported before adding that the experience “had the added benefit of affirming her female gender and making her breasts larger.”

Apparently, he also developed a “special bond” with his grandchild after forcing the baby to suck from his man nipples. 

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This is freakin’ weird if you ask me. I mean, imagine being breastfed by your grandpa. Ew. Just ew.

“Babies cannot consent to being participants in a study which sets aside biological reality to define treatment protocols relating to so-called ‘gender medicine,’” Maya Forstater, executive director of campaign group Sex Matter, said. “Men should not be permitted, still less supported, to get between babies and their mothers, or to use babies as props to validate their beliefs that they are women.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

This is absolutely disgusting and is abusive to the baby all for the sake of affirming your delusion? How utterly sick.


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