Lawsuit Claims This Arizona School District Is Helping Kids Secretly 'Transition' Genders

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 29, 2023
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Mesa Public Schools, Arizona’s largest school district, is helping kids secretly change their gender at school and hide it from their parents, Just The News reported Tuesday. Now, a school board member is suing the district over the transgender guidelines. 

In her lawsuit backed by America First Legal, Rachel Walden alleges that Mesa Public Schools and its Superintendent Andi Fourlis “schemed to circumvent the Arizona Parents’ Bill of Rights after the community learned it was blocking parental notification,” Just the News summarized. 

Here’s what America First Legal wrote in its November 21 announcement of the suit:

If students do not want their parents informed, MPS employees are required to keep this information hidden from parents. This policy of parental non-notification used to be explicit and in writing. After controversy arose in the local community about the non-notification policy, MPS revised its written documents to obfuscate the policy. The new policy pays lip service to the legal requirement for parental notification, but it still allows school employees to talk to students about their sexual identity without parents’ knowledge. And it also coaches students how to make sure their parents never find out they’ve been talking to school employees about their sexual identity.

According to the suit, the school board “never voted to adopt or authorize” changes to the school district policy, which was initially way more transparent with parents. The new policy allowing for kids to be acknowledged as a gender other than their biological sex includes things like restroom, locker room and field trip access as well as “overnight trips” and “gendered activities” like sports. The policy originally required parental consent for a student to be treated as transgender, but “was revised at some point to be ‘explicit and in writing’ that students can veto even notification,” Just the News reported.

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The suit also claims that there are many students, including at least one elementary school child, who were “placed on plans” to be treated as transgender without any parental notification. 

The Mesa School District policy violates the Arizona Parents’ Bill of Rights, which notes that it is a “fundamental right” for parents to be in the know and “direct the upbringing, education, healthcare and mental health of their children.” 

This isn’t the first time that Mesa Public Schools has gotten in trouble over its woke policies. Back in June, the Arizona Department of Education investigated the school district after reports surfaced that it was hosting a training seminar for teachers about how some Americans live “under a system of white supremacy.”

Time will tell how this latest lawsuit pans out, but if you need another indicator that the left is after your kids, here it is. 

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