The Left’s Detachable Nipples are Trying to Breastfeed

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 20, 2024
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Welcome to Woke of the Weak, where I’ll update you about the most woke, progressive, insane, and crazy clips and stories that the left thinks is tolerable, and well, point out why exactly they’re nuts.

Our grandparents and great grandparents are probably terrified while up in Heaven and looking down at how nutso our world has gotten. Seriously!

This week, the U.K. insisted that transgender women - so biological men - can breastfeed their babies. They, along with a transgender individual featured in this week’s video, insisted that a baby sucking out discharge from a hairy man’s tit is just as good as the baby drinking his or her mom’s naturally occurring breastmilk.

Poor kid!

Speaking of poor kids, a little boy insisted that he was a little girl and his mom allowed him to actually follow through with it complete with tutus, long hair and nail polish included. All this coming from the same side of the aisle as people who think that God is trans, that drag is educational and that a transgender atheist prostitute should have his funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York.

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Going back to the nipple issue for a second, one user decided to get her boobs cut off to further her delusion that she’s a boy. She chose to opt out of getting her nipples, or her “little burnt pepperonis” as she called them, put back on. She said she felt like Aladdin and a Ken Doll.

Ironically, another user insisted that she wanted a velcro chest so that she could detach and reattach her boobs based on the outfit she was wearing.

Leftist lunacy at its best!!!


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