MTG EXPOSES Baby Organ Harvesting In Abortion Industry: Selling Livers & Profiting Off Lies

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | March 20, 2024
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Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (MTG) held a hearing on the investigation of the black market of baby organ harvesting on Tuesday. MTG (R-Ga.) along with witnesses David Daleiden from The Center for Medical Progress and Progressive Anti-Aboriton Uprising founder Terrisa Bukovinac, talked about the “D.C. Five” as well as how pro-abortionists harvest and sell organs of aborted babies.

The hearing was a heartbreaking look into what the reality of abortion is.

As MTG noted at one point, Planned Parenthood’s ads are almost always phrased with things like “we take care” of "women in crisis,” this is to “help” women etc. Yet,  that 's not the truth “when we get behind closed doors” MTG said.

“You have uncovered what the real truth is," MTG said to Daleiden who’s uncovered many of the horrors of Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, “The real truth is it’s all for profit off of harvesting the organs and body parts of these unwanted babies, these unwanted human beings, and that’s the real truth.” 


Daleiden talked about the baby scalping experiment at the University of Pittsburgh. The school was taking scalps of aborted babies (many who likely would have lived if given the chance) and transplanting them to the backs of rodents in an attempt to grow hair on the backs of the animals. 

Daleiden also talked about his controversial undercover work. He claims when he spoke with Planned Parenthood staff, abortionists confessed that they partake in baby harvesting. They admitted that with enough financial incentive, they’d be happy to skirt around any laws or rules in order to harvest and sell baby organs. 

He heard about one aborted baby who was five-months old gestationally, whose liver was sold for $17,000 to a “taxpayer funded laboratory.”

The Chief Medical Officer and VP of abortion access of a Planned Parenthood location in Texas insisted that they’d like to set up a contract to sell aborted babies. They admitted that they often break babies apart right before pulling them out of the woman’s body so that they die before they pull them all the way out, not after, and that they try to keep the torso in tact so that they “get a good sample” of the baby’s body to sell.


“Did I just hear her say that if she can get a leg or if she can dismember the baby in any way possible, then she’s past the federal law?” MTG asked before saying “So if she can pop off a leg, it’s no longer illegal?”

Daleiden confirmed that strategy saying, “If they’re afraid that it’s getting too close to an obvious partial birth abortion situation, that the doctor will take one set of forceps, hold the body of the four or five or six month old baby at the cervix and then use a second set of forceps to pull off a leg or two from the fetus and then allow the rest of the baby to be delivered.”

Daleiden noted that “Justice has not been done,” regarding the people in these videos but instead he’s been charged 25,000,000 in legal fees and even had his apartment raided in an attempt to get these videos away from Daleiden and hidden from the public. 

One more video clip that was played during the hearing was the sound of cheering, laughing and applause when a late term abortionist confessed that one time, a baby’s eyeball fell into an abortionist’s lap when she was trying to kill the child. This story was told at a pro-abort conference where 200-300 late term abortion doctors laughed and applauded at the idea of a baby’s eyeball falling onto a doctor's lap during his abortion.

The line of questioning for Bukovinac surrounded the “DC Five” babies that were discovered by her and her friend Lauren Handy as well as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act.

Back in 2022 the bodies of five preemie babies as well as the parts of 115 aborted babies were discovered before heading to their set destination, the Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services in Baltimore, Maryland to be incinerated and used as renewable energy. They were found outside the Washington Surgi Clinic in Foggy Bottom, D.C., led by Cesari Santangelo, an active third-trimester abortion advocate and performer.


Bukovinac played a video of a baby boy that they found in the bucket that was going to be incinerated. It showed Handy taking the child out of solution and audibly weeping over the heartbreaking reality of what happened. 

The two, after noticing that the baby boy didn’t have any visible wounds to him, was likely born alive and then “placed in the solution that we found him in.” Experts believe the baby boy was roughly 33-weeks gestation at the time he was killed.

“There aren’t words to describe that video,” MTG confessed. “What we just saw in the video is not tissue or a clump of cells as so many women tragically believe when they go to have an abortion.”

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Bukovainac also talked about the harms of the FACE act and how it targets pro-lifers. Handy is currently in jail and set to be sentenced in May. She faces up to 11-years in federal prison for trying to encourage women to not kill their babies. Handy, according to MTG, did not violate the FACE Act and needs to be freed.

Planned Parenthood, our government, and our justice system have shown, as evidenced by this hearing, that they do not care about women. They care about making money. Most specifically, they care about taking taxpayer money and using it for the brutal murder of innocent babies and making profit off of their tiny baby body parts. 

This should break your heart.

Towards the end of the hearing, MTG expressed the importance of sharing these stories, these facts and these truths of the abortion industry to expose it for what it is: evil.

“This is genocide. This is something we all need to oppose,” Bukovainac noted.

“There’s so many options, and there’s so many resources, and there’s so many people willing to help,” MTG said, “the opportunities are endless when women choose life’’ before thanking the witnesses for their bravery for speaking up and being so courageous in this fight. 

“There should be no baby slaughtered in their mother’s womb, or partially born and slaughtered, barbarically, for their body parts to be sold,” MTG said. “I can’t imagine any American disagreeing with that.”

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