St. Patrick's Cathedral Holds Funeral Service for Trans 'Mother of all the Whores'

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | February 16, 2024

On Thursday, New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral hosted a funeral for a transgender prostitute and self-proclaimed atheist Cecilia Gentili. Over 1,000 people gathered at the Catholic church to mourn the loss of the trannie who, according to the reverend running the service, “died with Christ.”

Oscar Diaz, who calls Gentili his mother, had the congregation decorated in red carnations and roses to give Gentili his “sainthood,” as Time Magazine reported.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral previously held services for notable public figures like Celia Cruz, Babe Ruth and Andy Warhol, but this is the first service to honor a transgender person - someone who didn’t believe in God, much less one who practiced the Catholic faith.

Gentili, a man who believed himself a woman, came to the United States in 2004 as an illegal immigrant. As Time Magazine wrote, “she turned to sex work and developed a drug addiction before being granted asylum eight years later.” Gentili then advocated for sex workers like himself to get healthcare, because being a prostitute merits free gifts like health coverage…apparently. 

Though the cause of Gentili’s death hasn’t been named yet, I'm willing to make an educated guess - since he/she spent so much of his life fighting for sex workers before dying at only 52 years old.

During the service, in which the priest regularly referred to Gentili as a “she,” numerous attendees yelled chants like “Santa Cecilia! (Saint Cecilia,” as well as “Madre de todas las putas! (Mother of all the whores!)”

Cards and pictures decorated the altar at St. Patrick’s Cathedral with the Spanish words for “transvestite,” “whore,” “blessed,” and “mother,” placed above the “text of Psalm 25,” The New York Times reported.

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At one point in the service, Gentili’s friend stood at the mic and prayed for trans people to be able to mutilate their perfectly good, God-given bodies and another friend sang “Ave Maria” but changed the lyrics to “Ave Cecilia” and then danced and twirled through the isles of the church.

Talk about blasphemy!

St. Patrick’s Cathedral admitted that it does its best to accommodate funeral requests from Catholic individuals. The church itself, though nestled nearby many gay-friendly Catholic parishes, does not admit to supporting that anti-Christlike lifestyle. 

Cayenne Doroshow, who organized Gentili’s funeral, confessed that she tried to keep it hidden that Gentili was trans. “I kind of kept it under wraps,” Doroshow said insisting that she wanted to have the funeral at a place that was an “icon, just like” Gentili.

This is a complete mockery of the Christian faith and is a major indicator of the destruction of morals and the attack on religion in America.

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