TikToker Teaches ‘How To Practice Abortion as a Magical Ritual’

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 10, 2023
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Unfortunately, this isn’t satire. 

A video is circulating on Twitter that features a TikTok user teaching viewers how to “practice abortion as a magical ritual.”

The user who created the video lists “they’s” name as Valkyrja Vörðr and is supposedly a “witch.”

“I am a witch who has had abortions and has used them as rituals,” she began, continuing that abortion rituals are “birthing magic” and “death magic” at the same time. 

To make matters weirder, the witch used the phrase “womb body” instead of woman. 


The woman also admitted that in an abortion, a baby, “a life that has been conceived,” is killed. To her, it wasn’t that an abortion ended the pregnancy of a “clump of cells” like the left likes to say, but rather that abortion ends a life but that can be justified if it’s part of a “magical ritual.”

This is just another way for a freak to try to normalize abortion. 

The user who posted the original video has other creepy abortion sorcery posts as well. 

In one she posted last year, the woman said that with an abortion, “you’re actively choosing to call death and you’re not just calling death for yourself because this death is intrinsically tied to your blood and your bloodline which means it’s going to affect all of your descendants forever.” 

So she knows what an abortion is and how much gravity it holds, but on the same account gives step-by-step instructions for “womb bodies” who are seeking abortions while insisting that taking away a “womb body’s” ability to abort is “taking away the rights of people with wombs to access their deepest spiritual self.”

"The choice to have an abortion is so much bigger than just life or no life,” she said, and then insisted abortion is a choice of “sacrifice” that the “goddess has granted to wombs.” 

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Seriously, this girl’s a nutcase. But you have to recognize, the left will say and do absolutely anything to attempt to justify slaughtering innocent life. 

In response to one of her videos gaining traction on Twitter, users were shocked. 

One user commented, “abortion is child sacrifice.” Another said, “This is literally what medieval Catholic inquisitorial manuals said happened—witches, warlocks, etc. used abortion, contraception, etc. for black masses and “magic” with demons. Now it’s returning.People have no idea how much evil the Church restrained.”

Ultimately, this girl is a freak. If you didn’t know this before, don’t treat everything you see on the internet as gospel.

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