Virginia School District Includes Palestine While Excluding Israel From Multicultural Fair

Tierin-Rose Mandelburg | November 30, 2023
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According to The Virginia Star, the Stafford County Public School District put on a fair “to empower multicultural awareness" that displayed a presentation on Palestine but omitted any presentations about Israel - even as Palestinian terrorists attack innocent Israelis.

Reports indicate that all 33 schools in the district partook in the fair and there were “nearly 1,000 in attendance.” Each of the schools were allowed to “choose the country they wanted to represent” - and the middle school selected Palestine, despite it not officially being a country.

“The booth included a map, religious landmarks, descriptions of traditional foods, music, clothing and agriculture, including interactive handouts,” The Virginia Star reported. 

Unsurprisingly, there was nothing about Israel noted on the presentation, nor was there any display for Israel among any of the other 32 displays.

Not only was there no mention of the war, but the Palestine display seemed to very obviously omit anything about Israel at all.

"Several Islamic sites, including the Dome of the Rock, were highlighted," yet "The adjacent Wailing Wall, considered the most religious site in the world for Jewish people, was not," reports stated.

As The Virginia Star rightly pointed out, this obviously pro-Palestine stance in Northern Virginia comes at a time where there have been numerous other pro-Palestine and anti-Israel protests throughout the commonwealth.

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A spokesperson for Governor Glenn Youngkin (R-Vir.) told The Center Square that “The display at Stafford Middle School is a deeply concerning display of antisemitism,” and added, “The governor’s executive directive 6, combatting antisemitism and anti-religious bigotry, directs the Superintendent to provide local guidance to ensure local school divisions prevent antisemitism and discrimination.”

The Center Square also heard from Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares, who said, “Antisemitism is rising at an alarming rate, both in Virginia and nationally. We must ensure that our Jewish Virginians protected and feel supported in the classroom."

Even still, the school district defended the ability for schools to “choose the country they wanted to represent," while the chief communications officer for the district insisted that “The Stafford Middle School booth was led by an ESOL teacher, who did not intentionally leave out representation on her map."

"It is worth noting that 52 countries are represented by students attending this middle school, and that flags representing all 52 countries (to include both Israel and Palestine) are hanging in the school,” the official said in an attempt to cover her a**, claiming that “in no manner was there a deliberate attempt to erase the recognition of the State of Israel.”

Eh, I’m calling BS on that. When you think of Palestine in today’s world, you almost immediately think of Israel, given what has happened - and is still happening - over there. Omitting a presentation on Israel but displaying one that supports the a country that launched brutal terrorist attacks on it seems like textbook anti-Semitism.

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