TIME Issues 'Correction' For Its Debunked Crying Toddler Cover Story

Brittany M. Hughes | June 22, 2018
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TIME magazine has issued a correction for its totally erroneous cover story that accused border patrol agents of ripping the screaming child in a now-debunked photo away from her mother.

The magazine had based its article (and its shameless cover) on a now-infamous and deceptive image taken by a Getty photographer showing a crying toddler staring up at her mother after the pair was apprehended at the U.S. border for crossing illegally.


The image instantly became the epicenter of a media frenzy over Trump's "family separation" policy at the border - despite the fact that she wasn't separated from her mother at all.

But facts be damned, because TIME's original article erroneously stated border agents had carried the child away screaming as they detained her mom – who turned out to be a previously deported Honduran woman who’d paid a human trafficker $6,000 to smuggle her and her daughter into the United States illegally so she could get a job, all without the toddler’s dad knowing. 

The border agent who first encountered the pair at the border explained the whole midnight ordeal was over in minutes, that the child immediately stopped crying as soon as her mother picked her back up, and that the woman and her child were both taken to a local immigration detention facility together, where they reportedly remain.

But that didn't stop TIME from running the mistake-laden story along with this photoshopped cover image showing an unsympathetic President Trump standing over the crying toddler: