Tinfoil Alert! Alec Baldwin Says U.S. Gov't is Just as 'Lawless' a 'Dictatorship' as Any Since WWII

Nick Kangadis | February 13, 2020
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Thank God for Alec Baldwin. We as Americans would have no idea that we in the U.S. are living in a "dictatorship" that is "as lawless" anything anyone has seen since World War II.

You literally cannot make this stuff up.

Baldwin's Trump Derangement Syndrome reached peak stupid on Wednesday when one of the many tweets the Trump-wannabe actor posted intimated that President Donald Trump is just as  bad a dictator as anyone we've seen in modern history - if Trump were actually a dictator, of course.

Here's Baldwin's "brilliant" tweet:



Usually, dictators prevent the enjoyment of most freedoms - freedom of speech, freedom of the press, the right to bear arms, etc.

I must've missed when the Trump administration tried to take people's firearms away. Oh, that's right. That's the politicians in charge of Virginia. I also must've missed when the Trump administration began persecuting people's freedom of speech. Oops! That's the indoctrinated sheeple in Silicon Valley doing that. And when were the press not allowed to do their jobs again? Right! That's the far-leftists at MoveOn.org who have a petition to remove Fox News from cable television.

Trump really is a tyrant, huh? Maybe if Baldwin didn't have his head completely up his backside, he'd be able to see that those whose agendas and narratives he supports are the true dictators. But, he's a part of the Hollywood Communistic Cult, so we shouldn't expect too much.

Just to show how wonderful Baldwin is, here's video of some of his greatest hits:

H/T: Breitbart