Top Five Possible Post-NFL Career Moves For Peyton Manning

Nick Kangadis | March 7, 2016
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Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning announced his retirement from professional football on Monday.

Manning retires as arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. He played 18 seasons for the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. Statistically speaking, Manning owns 21 NFL records including most passing touchdowns in a career (539), most career passing yards (71,940), and most Associated Press NFL Most Valuable Player Awards (5).

With that, Manning is going to need to find some things to do with his newly found off-time (that is, besides golfing and making sure all of those Papa John’s Pizza establishments he owns keep the pepperoni stocked). Here's a list of the top five possible post-NFL careers for Manning:

#5 Interpreter 

Peyton Manning was known for audible calls at the line of scrimmage. "Omaha" and other phrases he used were commonly heard throughout his NFL career. Manning could be used by the CIA as an interpreter of coded language.





#4 Motivator

Peyton Manning has pretty much always been the captain of any team he's ever been on. As a quarterback, he had to be a leader and rally his teammates to win each game. Manning could translate these skills into public speaking -- or he could just go around motivating random people.





#3 Dancer

Peyton Manning has a unique set of skills -- dance skills. Manning has been known to "cut a rug" from time and time, and for some reason his peers seem to find it funny.





#2 Professional Role Model

Peyton Manning has been known to be very charitable when it comes to children. In 1999, Manning established the PeyBack Foundation to help disadvantaged youth. While that charity is a very worthwhile cause, not all of Manning's efforts passed with flying colors...




#1 Law Enforcement

Peyton Manning is known all over the football world by his nickname, "The Sheriff." It's only natural that he take to law enforcement...possibly with a little brotherly help.



That is the list! What did you think? Which profession would Manning be best suited for post-football?