Towering Ignorance: NY Dems Pose With Banner Comparing Climate Change To 9/11

Eric Scheiner | March 9, 2022
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Democratic New York State Senators Rachel May and Robert Jackson posed Tuesday with a banner showing a plane pointed at the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The plane had the words "climate change" on it.

The senators were reportedly attending an event demanding $15 billion in the state budget for “climate justice.”

The only thing more disgusting than the sign they held - is their excuse for holding it. When called out, both lawmakers claimed they didn’t see the imagery on the sign they were holding.


This seems a plausible excuse for a Democrat. I guess you have to hold up the sign if you want to know what it says. Reading it first just isn’t a possibility. Right, Pelosi?

This lame excuse might be remotely be acceptable to some…except video from the event shows Sen. Jackson actually reading directly from the sign. He doesn’t seem to be terribly upset about it at the time.

However, both lawmakers do seem to be terribly upset about being called out for how far they will push towering ignorance for their leftist climate change agenda.

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