'Trans Day Of Vengeance' Still On At Nation's Capitol?

Eric Scheiner | March 28, 2023
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This Saturday is set to be the ‘Trans Day Of Vengeance’ outside of SCOTUS in Washington, DC. Currently there is no word if a mask-wearing crowd will still assemble as one of the event organizers, OurRightsDC, recently set it Twitter page to private and it’s Facebook page has been made inaccessible.

One of the other event organizers, The Trans Radical Activist Network, still has information on the event available online as of Tuesday afternoon.

Videos promoting the event are still circulating on TikTok as well.


@trans_radical For the online event please rsvp on our website transradicalactivistnetwork.org we will send a link a couple days before. Please join in solidarity for the national marches on 3/31! #transradicalactivistnetwork #transdayofvengeance ♬ We Rise Against (Full) - Jonathan Paulsen

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“TRAN will be hosting an event in DC, time and location on 4/1 at 11 am in front of SCOTUS,” the website states.

The event page continues:

“Like the Stonewall Riots the gays and lesbians were experiencing what the trans community is facing now. This cycle of hate needs to end in fact it must. Allies, siblings we need you now more than ever. “I was a radical revolutionist. I still am a revolutionist…I am glad I was in the Stonewall Riot. I remember when someone threw a Molotov cocktail, I thought, “My god, the revolution is here. The revolution is finally here?” -Sylvia Rivera

MRCTV was not able to determine exactly when the OurRightsDC  Facebook page was locked down.  

MRCTV was able to grab an instagram video promoting the event from the organizations TikTok page, before it was removed on Tuesday afternoon (see video below).

The OurRightsDC Twitter feed seems to have been locked recently, as archived pages as recent as last week show the page promoting the “Trans Day Of Vengeance.”

Among the images promoting the event is one asking people to “wear a mask – bring a buddy.” 

Event organizers may not only want to wear a mask to hide their identity, they may want their history supporting the event to disappear as well, following Monday's Nashville school shooting perpetrated by a person who identified as transgender.


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