Treasury Sec. Yellen Implies Focusing More on Race Will Fix The IRS's Implicit Racism

P. Gardner Goldsmith | March 13, 2023
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In a world in which the vast majority of Americans never question the immorality of a tax-funded scam machine that regularly coughs up bureaucrats to fill a government post called “Treasury Secretary,” one wonders whether many of those same Americans will stand for the newest “kindness” targeting them.

It comes from “Treasury Secretary” Janet Yellen, who, fast on the heels of her “surprise” visit to Ukraine to promise that fascist foreign government $10 BILLION more in our earnings, decided it would be wise to tell us ever-lovin’ serfs that upcoming IRS agents (the 87K-person increase in the IRS army has NOT been averted, by the way) will make sure that they consider wokeness factors when deciding whom to hassle with their precious audits.

Per a February 16 Biden “Executive Order,” the IRS is supposed to shape “tax compliance around racial equity” – and Ms. Yellen is on the case to make up for past “wrongs.”

Chris Pandolfo reports for Fox News:

“Her remarks on race came in response to a question from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., who asked about President Biden's Feb. 16 executive order directing federal agencies to produce an annual ‘equity action plan.’" 

This seems like a logical question. But the situation, and Yellen’s answer, are anything but logical, because, of course, the entire issue revolves around the assumption that the government can take people’s money and that there ever can be “fairness” when considering which people are victimized.

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Or, to put it another way, that the government is “fair” when it victimizes. QED.

Adds Pandolfo:

“Yellen denied this was the case.”

And he added:

“The Treasury secretary pointed to studies that have shown algorithms used by the IRS may be racially biased and said it was important for the IRS to become aware of potential disparities in its audit process and develop means to make the system more fair.”

It would be an additional insult if federal tax thieves were targeting people for particular reasons – kind of like what Christians experienced under Barack Obama and his thuggish appointee, Lois Lerner, who was allowed to retire on our dime. But the question of whether algorithms are “racially biased” comes with additional built-in questions of whether the IRS audits are focused solely on numerical and reporting discrepancies, on certain earnings “categories”, on race, on work sector, on geographical region, or on all those or combinations of them.

And so, when Yellen responds, she admits something that inspires further questions:

"’IRS doesn't know an individual's race, and we are certainly not proposing that race be reported on tax returns,’ Yellen said. ‘However, the IRS does need to be careful to ensure that there is fairness in tax administration.’"

So, if  the IRS currently doesn’t know the race of the tax victim, then what’s the issue? If there are “disparities” in the “audit process,” but this process is race-blind, and then she says that they want to “develop a means to make the system more fair” isn’t that an admission of precisely what Biden ordered and what Congressman Smith asked?

Yellen can’t have it both ways.

Either the IRS has been including race and this knowledge has led to “inequities,” or it has not, and now she and the IRS thugs want to include race - somehow - in their audit targets.

It’s all reminiscent of mobsters arguing over whom to shakedown, but it does reveal something about the way Yellen, Biden, and others of their ilk appear to shade their statements even as they are unable to hide the doubletalk.

Meanwhile, the 87,000 new IRS agents will be ready to attack, drawing our money for their salaries in their zeal to make stealing “equitable.”

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