Trump Clarifies Twitter-Violating Tweet: 'Looting Leads to Shooting'

Nick Kangadis | May 29, 2020
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On the same day that Twitter labeled one of President Donald Trump's tweets as violating their terms of service because - according to Twitter - it was "glorifying violence, Trump attempted to clarify the tweet in question with an explanation tweet.


In his Twitter-offending tweet sent out in the early morning hours on Friday, Trump spoke of "dishonoring the memory of George Floyd." The president "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" comment about was either accidentally or intentionally misunderstood by Twitter .

The left is so out of their minds paranoid, to the point they sound like the tin foil hat brigade, that they take everything Trump says and twist it to make him seem like a tyrant. Either Twitter has an ax to grind with Trump after the president signed an executive order to prevent online censorship on Thursday, or they employ morons who actually think the president would tweet that authorities should shoot looters on sight.