Trump Deletes Claim Cruz 'Illegally' Stole Iowa, Still Says 'Fraud' Requires 'New Election'

ashley.rae | February 3, 2016
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After losing the Republican Iowa Caucus to rival Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Donald Trump is accusing Cruz of committing “fraud” and stealing the election.

Trump, who placed second in the Iowa Caucus despite polls indicating he would win, took to Twitter to attack Cruz and his campaign.

In a tweet that has reportedly now been deleted, Trump accused Cruz of “illegally” stealing the election. Shortly after, Trump posted another tweet claiming Cruz merely “stole” Iowa, which he deemed “bad”:

Trump then accused Cruz of committing “fraud”:





Trump stated Cruz lied about his position on health care in order to sway voters, despite Trump claiming he supports government health care and despite the fact that he has praised socialized medicine in Europe:

Based on Cruz’s “fraud,” Trump announced he believes there should be a “new election”:

Trump repeated his tweets on his Facebook page.

Trump’s accusations against Cruz come after Trump said he was “honored” by his placing in Iowa. He also offered his congratulations to Cruz.

The move also comes after Trump accused voters of not appreciating the fact he is self-funding his campaign.