Trump: Hillary 'Blames Everybody (and Everything) But Herself' for Election Loss

Monica Sanchez | September 14, 2017
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Image via Twitter

President Trump tweeted late Wednesday night that his former opponent Hillary Clinton “blames everybody (and every thing) but herself” for her loss in the 2016 presidential election.

“Crooked Hillary Clinton blames everybody (and every thing) but herself for her election loss. She lost the debates and lost her direction!” he wrote shortly before 11 p.m.


He followed up by saying that Clinton’s “deplorables” remark inevitably “came back to haunt” her.

“The ‘deplorables’ came back to haunt Hillary. They expressed their feelings loud and clear. She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!” Trump said.


Clinton responded to Trump's tweet on Thursday, suggesting that he should read her children's book, "It Takes a Village."

"If you didn't like that book, try this one — some good lessons in here about working together to solve problems. Happy to send a copy," she wrote.


Clinton in her new book “What Happened” blamed her former Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and his supporters, former FBI Director James Comey, Congress, and the media for her election loss.

Sen. Sanders responded to Clinton’s claim that his “attacks” on her “caused lasting damage” by saying that he understands Clinton "lost and was upset” but she needs to move forward already.

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