Trump: NRA Are ‘Patriots’ Who Want ‘To Do The Right Thing’

Eric Scheiner | February 23, 2018
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Speaking to reports before heading to CPAC Friday, President Donald Trump reinforced his support for greater school security and his support for the NRA.

“Well, I think we really have a group of people that want to do the right thing. The NRA is composed of people that I know very well – these are good people, in many cases great people, they’re patriots, they love our country," Trump said. "The NRA wants to do the right thing I’ve been speaking to them and they want to do the right the thing. Look I haven’t been here that long this has been going on for a long time, many years, decades and we’re going to get it fixed."

“But the only way you’re going to get it fixed is you have to have a certain degree of offensive power within the school, you can’t only be defensive, you have to have protection within the schools and we’re going to work it out. But we are going to be very, very powerful strong on background checks, especially having to do with people with mental problems.”

President Trump has floated the idea of offering bonuses to teachers who receive gun training and carry their weapon into school.

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