Trump to Pelosi on National Security: 'We Will Not Cave!'

Nick Kangadis | January 24, 2019
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President Trump didn’t let the rhetoric from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) weekly press conference on Thursday deter him at all in his stance to get a border wall built. Despite the lingering government shutdown, the president has remained resolute.

Pelosi appealed to emotion during Thursday’s engagement with the media, saying that she and other Democrats have no problem meeting with Trump — concerning the shutdown — but won’t discuss funding for a wall until the government has reopened.

Trump conveyed his resolve on his position in a tweet:

It doesn’t matter whether you think Trump is being hard-headed or brave in his stance against the Left’s efforts to leave the country’s Southern border under-protected, at least he’s standing by the promises he made to the people who elected him president.

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