Trump To Rescind Obama's Affirmative Action Guidelines For Universities

Patrick Hauf | July 3, 2018
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President Donald Trump is undoing Obama’s legacy — brick by brick.

The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that the Trump administration is rescinding Obama-era guidelines that encourage colleges to promote "diversity" by considering students' ethnicities in their acceptance process.

According to two people familiar with the plans, the Trump administration will argue that the policies, which were issued by the Obama Justice and Education departments, exceed the legal limits of affirmative-action established by the Supreme Court.

Although the Supreme Court did uphold racial preference policies at universities in 2016, Justice Anthony Kennedy noted in the opinion that colleges must continue to review their enforcement of affirmative-action. This allows the Supreme Court to take up another case when the time comes, which will likely be when Kennedy is replaced by another Trump nominee.

Trump rescinded the Obama policy during a time when Harvard is being investigated by the Justice Department and sued by Students for Fair Admissions for allegedly discriminating against Asian-American students by holding them to higher standards than students of other ethnicities.

With Justice Kennedy's retirement, the Justice Department's investigation, and the Obama policy's rescinding, the future of affirmative-action appears to be questionable.    

(Cover Photo: COD Newsroom)