Trump Takes Credit For Harris' Upcoming Border Visit: 'If I Weren't Going...She Never Would Have Gone!'

Brittany M. Hughes | June 23, 2021
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Former President Donald Trump is taking a proverbial victory lap after the White House announced Tuesday that Vice President Kalama Harris will finally visit the Southwest U.S. border roughly three months after being tapped to head up the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis.

Harris’ trip was announced eight days after Trump said he’d accepted Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s invitation to visit the border himself, amid a 20-year record influx of illegal aliens streaming into the U.S. from Mexico and Central American countries. 

“After months of ignoring the crisis at the Southern Border, it is great that we got Kamala Harris to finally go and see the tremendous destruction and death that they've created—a direct result of Biden ending my very tough but fair Border policies,” Trump said in a statement Wednesday.

“Harris and Biden were given the strongest Border in American history. And now, it is by far the worst in American history,” he continued, adding, “If Governor Abbott and I weren't going there next week, she would have never gone!”

Nearly 1 million illegal aliens have been apprehended at the Southwest U.S. border so far this fiscal year, which isn’t set to end until Sept. 30. More than 180,000 were caught in the month of May alone, the highest single-month total in 21 years. 

It took Harris 90 days to finally announce a scheduled visit to the border to see the crisis (which the administration still won’t label as such) for herself, having repeatedly laughed off reporters’ questions as to why she hasn’t yet made the trip after having been directed to spearhead the administration’s response to the historic surge. This latest trip comes just weeks after Harris’ disastrous visit to the Northern Triangle to meet with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López, a trip so full of public missteps and cringeworthy blunders that even the White House was reportedly “perplexed” by Harris’ first vice presidential performance on the global stage. Still, the vice president and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki maintained the trip was in an effort to address the "root causes" of illegal immigration.

During the trip, both Guatemala’s and Mexico’s top leaders criticized the Biden administration’s response to the migration crisis, blaming the new president for having rolled out the welcome mat for illegal aliens and triggering a massive flow of migrants into the U.S. on the promises that they would be allowed to stay.

Harris will reportedly visit El Paso, Texas, on Friday, accompanied by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, who's already been to the border to view the problem himself, echoed claims that Harris is only now visiting the border because Trump was set to visit, telling Fox News Wednesday, “Suddenly President Trump is going to the border and they realized, ‘Oh crap, we got to do something.'"

(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)