Tucker Carlson, Enes Kanter Freedom Expose NBA-China Relationship

John Simmons | July 21, 2022
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If you need any more proof that the NBA is wrapped around China’s finger, Tucker Carlson will put all those doubts to rest.

In an interview with former NBA star and strong China critic Enes Kanter Freedom, Carlson played audio recordings of several high-ranking NBA officials that show the league at large bows down to China and whatever it wants. The list of recordings includes bits from league commissioner Adam Silver, Milwaukee Bucks owner Marc Lasry, and National Basketball Players Association lawyer Ron Klempner.

Now there isn’t a lot to like about anything that was said. The NBA is clearly deep in China’s grasp, which is not a good thing.

The league is doing billions in business with an adversary of the United States, a human rights violator and a destabilizing force in the Pacific.

Plus, it shows the NBA's rank hypocrisy. The league styles itself a strong social justice advocate for American issues, but it will ignore the problems within its major global partners and silence those who speak out against the injustices China commits (like Enes Kanter Freedom).

No matter what country the league chooses to do business with, that country will always have flaws. But it is especially discouraging to see the levels of corruption the NBA will go to stay on China’s good side.