TV’s Worst of the Week: Closeted Priest and White ‘Truth’

Alexa Coombs | November 12, 2021
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Welcome to TV’s Worst of the Week, where MRC Culture's on TV Blog recounts the top liberal bias moments in entertainment television for the week of November 7, 2021.

From Our Blog

• CBS's The Equalizer joined the hundreds of shows that pushed Black Lives Matter themes in the last year and a half with an episode featuring a "Karen" who called the cops on some black women she accosted in a clothing store. Later, the black aunt told her niece, "That cop went to that woman and got her story first because her whiteness was synonymous with truth."


The drama on ABC's Queens this week included a recently out lesbian confessing to her priest about cheating on her new girlfriend. She received a very surprising answer from the secretly gay priest who called her a “hero” and an “inspiration.”


Amazon Prime's latest woke adult cartoon Fairfax pushed radical gender ideologies, racist anti-white dialogue, and left-wing extremism with middle school students.


Other Odds & Ends

• The Oprah Winfrey Channel's Queen Sugar had farmers discussing how to take advantage of the "Biden-Booker Black Farmers' Rescue Plan," which has been blocked in the courts for illegally discriminating on the basis of race. There was also a college student questioning if he's gay or "fluid" just because he feels emotional - not "sex or romance" - "intimacy" with his best friend. The confusion the LGBTQ agenda hath wrought on our youth. 

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