TV’s Worst of the Week: Secret Abortion, ‘Modern-Day Slavery’ & Polyamory

Alexa Coombs | October 30, 2021

Welcome to TV’s Worst of the Week, where MRC Culture's on TV Blog recounts the top liberal bias moments in entertainment television for the week of October 24, 2021.

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• In the penultimate episode of the Peacock murder mystery series One of Us Is Lying, a high schooler revealed she was "not ashamed" she had a secret abortion with the help of a teacher who she ironically labeled a “good person” and “the opposite of a killer.”


• On CBS's S.W.A.T., two female cops whined that SWAT training and fitness standards are “biased in favor of male cadets” because they “put a ton of emphasis on explosive strength” and “exercises proven to put women at a physiological disadvantage.”


• The Oprah Winfrey Network’s (OWN) racial drama Queen Sugar listed “redlining, voter suppression, school defunding, employment discrimination, loan discrimination, mass incarceration” as modern-day forms of slavery” and complained of a system are designed to keep a people out of neighborhoods, out of government, out of education, out of the workforce, and in some instances, out of society, and in prisons, and in a constant state of danger.”


• On ABC’s new drama about the reunification of a ‘90s girl R&B group, Queens, a husband proposed polyamory when his wife tries to leave him to become a lesbian with her girlfriend, saying he “let the scripture guide me” to the idea.


• This week, The CW debuted 4400, their new woke reboot of USA's The 4400. One of the 4,400 missing people from the last several decades who suddenly reappeared all at once was a black woman involved in the Civil Rights battle. She claimed nothing had changed in 60 years: “You know, my husband and I have been jailed and worse for organizing the vote for Negroes. If it was really 2021, I'd have hoped we'd made more progress. That it wouldn't feel the same.”

Other Odds & Ends

A Million Little Things on ABC continued the tv trope of sudden adult-onset queerness, with Katherine (Grace Park), who had been married to a man for 12 years and never considered kissing a woman, falling for an actress and changing her dating profile to say she’s looking for both men and women.

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