Twitter to Post 'Pre-Bunk' Messages on User Profiles to Debunk 'Misinformation' on Mail-In Voting & Election Results

Nick Kangadis | October 26, 2020

Don’t you love it when the radical media or radical social media outlets take it upon themselves to censor what you read, because it’s “in your best interests?” Why not let people take in all different kinds of information and determine whether or not to listen to said information — oh, I don’t know — for themselves? It’s a novel idea to those in Silicon Valley to be sure.

NBC News is reporting that the left-leaning social media platform Twitter will be providing, without anyone’s consent, what they call “misinformation” concerning mail-in voting and the timing of election results. The messages, which Twitter is calling “pre-bunk,” are supposed to debunk what their fact-checkers consider to be misinformation.

The first message about mail-in voting is “scheduled to go live Monday on users’ profiles across the platform.

“Election experts confirm that voting by mail is safe and secure, even with an increase in mail-in ballots,” one of Twitter’s messages reads. “Even so, you might encounter unconfirmed claims that voting by mail leads to election fraud ahead of the 2020 US elections.”

Another message, scheduled to go live on users’ profiles on Wednesday, will reportedly cover any “misinformation” about “the timing of election results.”

"With the increase in voting by mail, there might be a delay in the announcement of election results," Twitter wrote in the second message. "This mean you could encounter unconfirmed claims that a candidate has won their race."

Here's a tweet from @TwitterSupport showing the "pre-bunks" they'll be forcing upon users:

If you an easily-led sheep who takes everything they read on the internet as gospel, Twitter will provide you with more information should you click a link that comes along with Twitter’s messaging.

“These prompts will alert people that they may encounter misinformation, and provide them with credible, factual information on the subject,” Twitter said, also according to NBC News.

“Credible, factual information” according to who? Twitter? The same company that vigorously censored users a couple weeks ago for even attempting to share the New York Post story about Hunter Biden, his laptop and the contents on it?

Okay, Twitter.