Twitter Schools Actress Alyssa Milano For Boasting She Swapped Her Tesla For a VW

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 28, 2022
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Here’s one on the light side that still provides some history, even as it reminds folks that politics keeps pitting people against each other.

As most people know, Telsa and Space X owner Elon Musk recently purchased Twitter, and he’s been publicly revealing how skewed the social media platform was in favor of leftists and against pro-liberty, anti-war users.

In fact, as he dug into the Twitter code, he discovered, as he tweeted on November 22:

“As is obvious to all but the media, there is not one permanent ban on even the most far left account spouting utter lies”

Then, he added:

“Not even Associated Press with their completely fictional report on Russian missiles hitting Poland that carried severe consequences for escalating the war”

And as he dug into the Twitter physical space, Musk discovered caches of attire promoting leftist ideology, like the T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “#StayWoke." But, hey, perhaps San Fran's leftist mayor, London Breed, could accept them as a charitable donation, then give them to the homeless who can’t afford to live inside, but who (like all) are allowed to shoplift $950 worth of items without fear of felony prosecution.

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Now, Musk is raising a few more smiles as he kindly schools “actress/pro-abortion-activist” Alyssa Milano about both history and the dangerous tendency to become holier-than-thou without doing a little research and engaging in some self-reflection.

David Hawkins reports for Slay that, evidently upset over the prospect of Musk possibly allowing freer speech on Twitter (for years, she has used her access to the platform to promote causes important to her), Milano sounded off in a most petulant and ignorant fashion:

“…(T)he actress-turned-activist announced she replaced her car because it was made by Tesla, Musk’s electric vehicle (EV) company.

She claimed that she sold her Tesla because she believes Musk allegedly promotes ‘hate and white supremacy.’

While she didn’t provide any evidence to support this claim, the links between the car she replaced her Telsa with and ‘hate and white supremacy’ are well-documented.”

Indeed, on November 26, the actress used the increasingly freer-speech platform of Twitter to attack Musk, writing:

“I gave back my Tesla. I bought the VW ev. I love it. I’m not sure how advertisers can buy space on Twitter. Publicly traded company’s products being pushed in alignment with hate and white supremacy doesn’t seem to be a winning business model.”

And of course, screaming from all that tower of pseudo-sophistication is the just-as-towering ignorance we’ve come to expect from many Hollywood wokesters. Like some kind of bitter breakfast treat, it seems as if they pop up ready to serve idiocy, something other Twitter users noted. Within moments, @petrijaervinen tweeted a crying-laughing emoji and said:

“Volkswagen was founded in 1937, as part of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler's vision to enable German families to own a first car. During World War Two, the Wolfsburg-based firm manufactured vehicles for the German army, using more than 15,000 slave labourers from concentration camps”

Conservative comedians The Hodge Twins tweeted:

“Volkswagen was literally founded by the Nazi’s and Hitler.”

And they added a little clown symbol, as a bonus.

For his part, Musk noted her remark, and reacted in a soft, but firm fashion, posting the cry-laugh emoji and simply responding to the Hodge Twins with:


And while many conservatives and libertarians are not 100 percent sure Mr. Musk will stand tall for freedom of speech, he has called himself a “utopian anarchist of the kind best described by (deceased British science fiction author) Iain Banks” -- meaning he doesn’t mind rules that are created through private contract and voluntary agreement, but he opposes the state, or polis, imposing rules on others and using tax cash to do it. 

Although this doesn’t jibe with his previous acceptance of federal loans for Tesla (loans that Tesla paid back early), and while his parents were very involved with the top-down “Technocratic Government” movement many decades ago, Musk’s grandfather was an ardent anti-communist, and Elon has, so far, made moves that give free-speech advocates a lot of hope. He recently even proclaimed that if Apple and Google ban Twitter from their phones, he will start a company to make phones that don’t block sites.

So, now Alyssa Milano knows a bit more about Volkswagen, and we know a bit more about Musk. And Musk allowed the “schooling” to happen in a fairly easygoing manner.

It reminds me of an exchange my dad and I had with our neighbor, “Mr. H,” many years ago. Both my father and this man were World War II vets – my dad deployed to the Pacific, and Mr. H to Europe -- and when Mr. H saw that we owned Toyotas, he got agitated, saying, “I’d never buy one of them J** cars!”

I looked in his driveway, turned to him, and said, “Mr. H, you own a Volkswagen – literally the car that was requisitioned by The Fuhrer.”

He didn’t complain about the Toyotas again.

Lesson learned.

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